Bates- Waterproof Cable Connectors, 50pcs, Nylon Cable Gland, Black Cord Grip, Plastic Cable Connector


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  • This 50-pack of IP68 waterproof cable glands provides a variety of sizes to meet your needs. There are 6 types included (20 x PG7; 10 x PG9; 6 x PG11; 5 x PG13.5; 4 x PG16; 5 x PG19), so you can find the perfect fit for your project.
  • Cable range: PG7 (3mm – 6.5mm), PG9 (4mm – 8mm), PG11 (5mm – 10mm), PG13.5 (6mm – 12mm), PG16 (10mm – 14 ), PG19 (12mm – 16mm).
  • Bates cable glands are made from high-quality nylon and are widely used to fix cables, wire splices, machinery control boxes, distribution panels, electrical appliances, etc.
  • You just need to thread the cable through the gland, then tighten up the sealing nut, and lock the nut – the cable will be tightly fixed without needing to disassemble anything.
  • Each cable gland connector comes with a high-quality rubber washer to ensure it remains watertight to the maximum. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, these connectors are perfect for a wide range of applications.


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