About us

Meet the owners

Daniel Bates

Christian faith family of 5, Daniel and his beautiful wife Michele spend countless hours serving others and the church, and work  on their company all while raising a wonderful family

Blake Gilbert

Christian faith family of 4, Blake and his gorgeous bride Anna spend most of their days working to further the business while enjoying time with their family and working to serve others

How it began

Daniel bates and Blake Gilbert created Bates Choice in beginning of 2015. Having grown up together from youth in the city of Lafayette Louisiana, these two wouldn’t have it any other way than to be life-long business partners.

Having worked his entire adult life in construction, remodeling and building home pages for people, Daniel understands what a quality tool will do for you. It either makes or breaks the job.

Blake having spent many years in  various sales position, knows that  people want a great quality product for a reasonable price. thus the two combined their skills together and created a paint equipment line that is truly uncomparable to the competition, combining quality products with unbelievably low prices.