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  • 7” End Cutting Plier, Nail Puller
  • Made From High Carbon Steel For Long Lasting Performance And Preventing Rust
  • Soft Plastic Coated Grip
  • Dual Use End Nipper Pliers To Cut Wires Or Nails Or Simply Pull Them Out
  • Perfect For Carpenters, Construction, Handymen, Installing New Floor, Etc.


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Bates choice cutting plier / nail puller is the perfect tool for carpenters, handymen, construction workers to be able to pull nails out or cut them.


The pack includes:

  • 7” end cutting plier, nail puller
  • Made from high carbon steel for long lasting performance and preventing rust
  • Soft plastic coated grip
  • Dual use end nipper pliers to cut wires or nails or simply pull them out.
  • Perfect for carpenters, construction, handymen, installing new floor, etc.


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