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  • 12×9 Ft Leak-Proof Drop Cloth (8oz)
  • Odorless, 100% Heavy Duty Washable And Reusable Canvas Material
  • Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor Use To Protect Floors And Furniture While Painting, Storing And…
  • Extra Layer Of Plastic To Prevent Leaking Of Paint, Water Or Any Other Liquid
  • Double Stitched Seams At The Edges And Middle Of The Drop Cloth To Increase Durability

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Bates Choice Drop Cloth Is Designed To Be Used For Craft Projects, DIY And Painting Jobs To Cover Floors And Furniture.


With Bates Drop Cloth, the size of 12 x 9 Size ensures you can cover, protect, and create what you need. You can use for painting, curtains, furniture, projects and outdoor coverings. Save your money to this Bates Drop cloth because these are 100% heavy duty washable and reusable canvas lends itself to be a perfect option for use as temporary floor covering providing high quality protection. And you can use it indoor or outdoor.They offer ultimate protection against paint spills, drips, tracking, and more. Protect wood floors, tile, cement, patios, grass, and more by using a heavy duty canvas drop cloth the double stitched seams at the edges and middle of the drop cloth.For added durability and the extra layer of plastic to prevent leaking of paint, water or any other liquid.

Warranty: If, For Any Reason, You Are Not Happy With Your Purchase, We Will Refund Or Replace Your Drop Cloth.


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